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The ancient art of block printing

At Chamois we are proud to preserve the art of block printing. A traditional handicraft perfected in ancient India. This printing technique use little water and electricity. A sustainable production method, gentle on both the environment and the printers.

The whole process is made by hand and eye. Cutting the blocks from wood, blending the colors and printing each textile. Each color requires it's own block. Our most simple patterns are printed with 3 different blocks, while our most complex patterns requires up to seven different blocks to become what we know today as a Chamois tablecloth.

It is the hand made technique that gives our textiles their unique beauty. Small irregularities makes the patterns come to life. Each tablecloth is unique and carries their printer's personal touch and attention to detail.

Every year we visit the local Indian workshops that produce our textiles. Over time we have developed great relationships with these family run businesses. Even though the days are long, it is a true pleasure to experience the creativity and skill of these printers. Our patterns are developed in collaboration with the local artisans we learn from each other and evolve. Together we preserve the art of block printing and bring it into modern homes.