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A Beautiful Christmas

It is that time of the year again and we are all full of expectation for Christmas. This year we are delighted to offer you a great selection of hand printed festive textiles and styling tips. Get your home ready for this holiday season!

Styling tips!

We love the magic our stylist Eva Lindh created with our Christmas collection. Eva is a master of bringing in elements from nature to create that playfully bohemian, yet elegant look that Chamois is known for.

Bring Create a mystical Christmas with linen tablecloths and pillows from this year's Fairytale collection. Both the color Spicy Red and Green are perfect for Christmas. Plate up with natural pine needles, mistletoe and reindeer horns. Have fun and be creative!

We also have cotton tablecloths in our popular patterns Big Paisley® and Paradise in various shades of red (find your favorite!) and soft woolen Christmas pillows with fun patterns. Mix everything together and get that perfectly eclectic, yet elegant Christmas look!

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We wish you all a Christmas full of peace, love and beauty!

- The Chamois Family

Spicy Red pillows styled together with a tablecloth in our signature Big Paisley pattern.

Pillows in Spicy Red look great mixed together. Style with reindeer horns and fake snow to get that playful and magical Christmas feeling.

Bring in details from nature like pine needles and see how your table comes alive. You can also play around with contrasting placemats on top of your tablecloth for a layered look.

Soft woolen pillows with Christmas motifs in embroidery. Mix and match your favorites!

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