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Meet the woman behind Tapetvillan

When we came across Sarah's account Tapetvillan on Instagram we absolutely feel in love with her bright, playful and romantic style. We just adore the bold and harmonious way she mix colors and patterns. So we decided to ask her a few quick questions about styling tips, inspiration, as well as her home decor dreams and latest projects around the house.

Can you share your top three styling tips?

  1. Mix patterns! Dare to put different patterns and colors together.
  2. Use wallpapers. They do so much with a room and home.
  3. Mix old and new

Above: Sarah's vibrant living room full of life. Here showing her two daughters Ebba and Stella in action.

What is the last thing you bought for your home?

A pair of old wooden doors that I found cheap on a second hand site. They need to be scraped, get a new fresh coat of paint and they will go in our living room.

Above: Sarah's latest buy for her house. Two pair wooden doors that will move to her living room once they have been refreshed with new paint.

What is on your wish list?

Right now I'm dreaming of a tiled stove, or a place-built display cabinet from floor to ceiling. A classic "punschveranda" with paned glass windows would not be bad either!

Above: Two things on Sarah's wishlist. A punschveranda and a tiled stove. Picture above left by Carian Olander for Lantliv and above right by Lindholm Kakelugnar.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?

My favorite Instagram accounts are KristallsalongenVillaenhorna and Cirkusbank.

Above: Pictures from Cirkusbank's Instagram account.

Above: Pictures from Villaenhorna's Instagram account.

Above: Pictures from Kristallsalongen's Instagram account.


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Big hug,

Josephine Amlé
Online Store Manager at Chamois

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