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Introducing Indigo

A new line of genuine hand printed indigo textiles.

For Spring & Summer 2022 we introduce a genuine hand printed line of textiles in indigo. The resistant dying process uses woodblocks, mud, sawdust and indigo pigment to create beautiful blue textiles.

Each textile is crafted by skilled artisans. First they carve the designs into hardwood timber blocks. The blocks are then used to stamp each print onto the fabric with natural mud. The printed fabric is sprinkled with sawdust and left to dry in the sun. When the fabric is dry it is dip dyed into baths with indigo pigment. This is an ancient technique for printing and dying with Indigo and demands long experience to get a good result.

Indigo pigment does not form any chemical bond with the fabric during the dying process. Instead the pigment accumulates in tiny places within the textile fibers. Therefore all indigo products can and will bleed even when dry. We have taken great care to minimize the bleeding. However, make sure that you always wash indigo products separately.

The indigo line will be in store February 2022.


The distinct blue tone of indigo have been sought after for thousands of years. Here you see our tablecloth with the Drop pattern and Aster kitchen towels. Available in store by February 2022.

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